Humane Society Reaches Fundraising Goal for Radiology Suite

More than four months ago, Orcutt resident Stephanie Snow died after a lifelong battle with a rare disease. However, her lifelong love of animals and their welfare is still evident in the community, and will continue to shine for years to come. 

After a months-long effort, the Santa Maria Valley Humane Society announced they reached their donation goal to fund the Stephanie Snow Radiology Suite on May 9. Instead of flowers, the Snow family asked for donations to the Stephanie Snow Memorial Fund to support the creation of the suite. The suite will house an X-ray machine which will benefit animals at SMVHS and Santa Barbara County Animal Services (neither facility has one).

“We are very excited to report that with excellent support and awareness from Bob and Jennifer Snow (Stephanie’s parents), we have reached our goal to purchase a new digital X-ray system that will become part of the Stephanie Snow Radiology Suite,” said Sean Hawkins, director of the Santa Maria Valley Humane Society.

Stephanie, who was 26 when she lost her life to Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP), began connecting with animals while raising rabbits and sheep through 4-H programs early in life. When she got older, she hand-raised abandoned newborn kittens and fostered animals in need.

“We did it, Steph... We did it!” said her sister Ashley Snow Bognuda. “So many animals will benefit from this and I am in tears because I am so happy that this will forever be in your honor! My parents and I thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts!”

The total cost for the new equipment is $73,000, according to Hawkins. The principal $28,000 was raised from small online and in-person contributions. Dan and Peggy Blough donated $20,000, and a $15,000 contribution came from an anonymous family. The last $10,000 was contributed by the Paul Porpiglia Family Trust. 

Jamie Guista reporting