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 Groundwork Proceeding on

Shopping Center at Clark at Highway 101  

        What’s known as a “Gateway Retail Shopping Center” on the Southside of Clark Avenue at Highway 101 is taking shape. The six acres, known as Key Site 2, stretches between the Orcutt Hills Shopping Center at Stillwell Road and Highway 101.      

          Developer Taylor Judkins of G3 Real Estate in San Luis Obispo says an 18,000 square foot Grocery Outlet plans on opening later this year or early in 2025.  Construction of the 18,000 square foot market is well underway. A Chevron gas station and car wash permit and building applications are being processed by Santa Barbara County.  Other businesses are in the works, but Judkins says nothing is firmed up yet.    

           According to the County, eventually there will be a new road that enters the center off Clark Avenue.  The cost of signalization will be paid by the developer. The new road will be the access for a commercial, residential project to be known as the “Orcutt Marketplace” on Key Site 1 on the northside of Clark. That project is working its way through the County permitting process.   

                                            Steve Southwick reporting

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