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RHS Student Short Film Wins
Best Local Film Award  


          A short film by RHS Visual and Performing Arts students recently won Best Local Film at the 30th San Luis Obispo International Film Festival in the Filmmakers of Tomorrow Contest.  
          he six-minute thriller, “The Purple Death,” is about Officer Mark Stevens investigating the murder of Zephyr Martinez with the help of Emily Smith, a McDonalds employee. 
           The filmmakers included Samuel Cornejo (11th grade), Anabel Martinez (12th grade), Adan Garcia (12th grade), Zephyr Delute (12th grade), and Nathan Freeland (11th grade).  
           “It was a very interesting experience, and it was wonderful to see an audience watch my film on a movie theater screen,’’ Cornejo said. “The parts of the film I intended the audience to laugh on they laughed, and it was just an awesome feeling for me. To accept the award for Best Local Film was an amazing part of the day and something I will always remember. I want to thank God for allowing me to experience this, my crew for helping me create this film, I want to thank my film teacher Mr. G for teaching me what I know, and I want to thank my parents for being there for me.” 
           “Winning the  award  reassured  me  that  I  am  on  the  right  path  and  that  I  can  be  a filmmaker,’’ Martinez added. “I'm very happy and excited about this award and honestly, I'm a little speechless.” 
           “I feel very honored to have our film selected for Best Local Film,’’ Freeland stated. “We were amazed at all the great films shown at the SLO Film Festival and it is very rewarding seeing our hard work pay off.” 
           There  were  20  films  screened  from  all  over  the  world  but  only  one  from  Santa  Barbara  County, according to Warrior Film Teacher Jacob Gustafson. 
           Here's a link to the screening listing on the SLO Film Festivals' website: 

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