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Service Upgrades Coming to Orcutt
      Orcutt Community Park Receives Lighting;      Roadway Improvements For Old Town 

           The Board of Supervisors recently approved two major projects for Orcutt. In its five-year Capital Improvement Plan, the board approved a one-million- dollar lighting system to illuminate the 26-acre Orcutt Community Park at the south end of South Bradley Road at the entrance to the Rice Ranch section of Orcutt, and made plans for a median and roundabout at Clark Avenue and Highway 135. The plan includes street and parking improvements in Old Town Orcutt.

Community Park Lighting

  When the board approved the lighting package for baseball and soccer fields in the park, Supervisor Das Williams of the first district, representing the south end of the county including Montecito, commented on the need for more Orcutt recreational facilities. “Orcutt has experienced a large level of growth and does not have enough recreational opportunities. It’s good to have a chance to ameliorate that,” said Williams.

                                                                          Click HERE to Read More

Mobile Home Residents Upset New Owners
Changing Park From 55+ to ‘All Ages’ 

Residents in the 185-space Del Cielo Mobile Senior Home Park on Santa Maria Way received a surprise letter in the mail earlier this year. The letter said the park had been purchased by HarmonyCommunities, based in Stockton. 
Another surprise came a few days later; residents were told the park was being transitioned to a community for all ages. Del Cielo Mobile Home Park has been designated for residents 55 years of age and older since the early 1960’s. 

Many of the seniors living there were shocked when they heard about the change. Pamela Barilone, president of the Del Cielo Residents Association, said, “Senior living is our lifestyle.                                         Click HERE to Read More

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